Spam Bait

Fight the email spammers who harvest email addresses from your web page!
Probably the most common way for a spammer to get your email address is by buying a list of email addresses from a "harvester". The harvester is just a person who has a program automatically visit web page after web page, gathering every email address it finds on those pages.
Spam Bait Creator is a nifty little program creates .html pages containing any number (you specify) of random, fake email addresses. The more invalid email addresses an address-harvester's list has, the less it is worth to advertisers. By creating a page of bogus email addresses and linking to it from your web page, you will infect the address list of every address-harvester who visits your page with hundreds or even thousands of invalid email addresses!

If you look closely at my front page, you will see a tiny "sb" link at the bottom, which leads to a page of 1000 bogus email addresses. It took me two seconds to create using Spam Bait, and another 10 seconds to make the little link on my main page.
If you have a web page of your own, please take a few seconds to strike a blow in the anti-spam war! Use Spam Bait!

Spam Bait Creator 1.0

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