BIN Chunker

Lots of people like to store CD images in BIN format. Unfortunately, this format uses two files (BIN and CUE), is larger than a CD image should be, and doesn't always work when you try using a different program to read the file than you did to write the file. The most popular BIN-writer is CDRWIN, which is at best featureless and unreliable. Wouldn't it be nice if you could convert those nasty BIN/CUE files into smaller, easier to use ISO files? You can, with BIN Chunker.

Notes: Make sure you have enough space to create the ISO file. The ISO file will be exactly as large as the contents of the original CD.
Once the ISO file has been created, you can use a CD-writing program (Adaptec's Easy CD programs are especially nice) and create a "new CD from image file". Finally, BIN Chunker usually chooses the correct sector size, but for reference, most Playstation CDs use 2336-byte sectors.

Well, here's that utility:

BIN Chunker 1.70

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